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The harvesters ACROS are equipped with the headers of the Power Stream series, cutting width 6, 7 and 9 m. Practice confirms, that the use of such headers reduces the shatter losses and ensures the constant feeding irrespective of operating conditions. The Power Stream creates the basis for the ACROS top performance.


High quality cutting


The planetary gear of the Schumacher type operates smoothly, accurately and is wearproof. The high cutting frequency (1080 runs/min) and a double cutting edge guarantee the rapid and clean cut with minimal losses. The considerable distance between blades and an auger (0,75 m) furthers to reduce losses on the header.

The planetary gear: high cutting frequency, running accuracy and insignificant wear. 


Smooth feeding


The reel hydraulic drive allows to adjust the rotation speed steplessly, ensuring the optimal and constant mass feeding to increase in performance.

Reel hydraulic drive: smooth, high power and practically noiseless real running.


Reliable service in the hardest conditions

The long rake tines and reel with special motion trajectory take kindly to twisted and laid crops. The large diameter of auger prevents the large grains wrap. The deep flights render unnecessary the supplementary tines.

In the crop feeding elevator the beater with rakes and retracting tines is installed. The auger shaft is equipped with floating supports. In conditions of high content of impurities such elements ensure a rapid and constant advancement of grain into the thresher.


Precise soil relief following


The system of longitudinal-transversal following of soil relief ensures the efficient use of the whole length of the header on irregular surfaces fields. All the Power Stream headers are by standard equipped with a simple and reliable hydromechanical following device Level Glide, and optionally — with the electro-hydraulic system Auto Contour.

Following system allows literally to «shave» the field.

Trolley will help you to get to your working place quickly and comfortably.


High-power reverse

The hydraulic reverse of the header and feeding elevator tools, switched on from the cab will help you to clean quickly the header at jamming with grain or ingress of foreign matters.


«Rostselmash» has created the original high performance threshing system for the ACROS; solid and reliable, with high capacity and careful separation, meeting the highest requirements to grain quality.


Its main feature is the original threshing drum of the biggest diameter in the world (800 mm). Owing to a high persistence, easily processes the humid, foul or twisted crops.

High-reliable gear

The thresher drum gear is designed for maximal loads and equipped with the Posi-Torque type device for automatic belt take up at the twisting moment increase. It ensures an appreciable increase of the harvester efficiency. The drum rotation frequency (400…1045 rpm) is controlled from the cab by a variator.


At threshing of crops which grains are easily damaged, it’s necessary to work at a low speed of the drum. To this effect, the compact gearbox, reducing the rotational frequency up to 200-450 rpm is offered.

The stone trap prevents the ingress of stones in a thresher. ‘Due to special design, its cleaning takes up at most than a minute.

95% of separation

The large diameter of the drum allows to increase maximally the concave wrap (130°), having provided the considerable separation surface (1,38 m2) and the optimal threshing geometry — extended and smooth. In this way almost perfect separation (95%) with exclusively low grain damage is obtained. Not each multidrum system demonstrates such results!

Two large lateral hatches ensure the excellent access to thresher drum.


Fine adjustment


The concave clearance is regulated by an electromechanism. The needed clearance, which numerical value is shown on the display, is setting with the help of the button located on the control panel. Thus you may easily and without fail obtain the correct clearance for optimal threshing.

However if jamming occured, it may be rapidly eliminated with Jam Control - the device of concave deep dropping. Unlike the harvesters equipped with the drum reverse system, this operation takes few seconds.




The straw, containing a part of grain at the outlet of the threshing drum, is directed to straw walkers with the help of a stripper bitter. The 5-key 7-section straw walker of ACROS easily processes the residual grain.

The grain and fine particles of straw pass through the straw walkers slat and are directed into the cleaning system, while the long-straw mass is quickly transported to a threshing output.

The correctness of the threshing system adjustment is evaluated with the help of grain-loss sensors located on the walkers. By means of the automatic control system, the user may be informed about the content of grain in straw and the necessity of changing of the threshing mode.

The considerable surface of straw walkers, the adjusted level difference between the keys and optimal kinematic operating mode guarantee the maximal separation.

Flexible work with straw

The threshing and separation classical system of ACROS practically doesn’t damage straw. Depending on estimated use, straw may be chopped and scattered or swath-layed.

The built-in chopper will ensure a careful cutting of straw and uniform distribution on a field surface on the desired width as a fertilizer. The chopper is designed with 64 double-edged blades with durable self-sharpening edges. The chopper is started with the help of the button from the cab.

At switching of the chopper over to a swathing mode, the ACROS will leave a bulky, fluffy swath, ideal for further picking-up.

The blades thickness, increased in comparison with the standard almost in 1,5 times, allows to cut the coarse corn and sunflower stalks without resort to adjustment of a share device.

One movement - and the chopper is switched over to a swathing mode.




The grain mass, received from the concave and straw walkers, is exposed to a two-step сleaning system. The top and seed sieves are suspended on the levers with opposite stroke and different amplitudes, with the view of mutual balancing of inertia forces and obtaining of more regular grain level. The separate sieve adjustments allow to conform rapidly and precisely to different harvest conditions.


Powerful air blowing

A six-bladed fan produces a dense air stream, blowing all the sections of the cleaning system. The speed of the fan rotation is continuously adjustable from the cab and displayed on the control panel. The extended down range of speed allows to reduce the losses at harvesting of small-seeded crops, and also is convenient for light bypass removal.

Less time for unloading

Practice shows that the grain unloading takes about 5% of the shift. For reduction of this time ACROS is equipped with a grain tank of imposing capacity (9000 l) and a high-duty unloading elevator (90 l/s).


Height, length and turning angle of an unloading auger are meant for unhampered unloading in any freight transport, even in a long trailer, and the harvester is equipped with a header 9,0 m wide.

Patented «wave» sieve: different sizes of the top sieve rakes ensure the even air flow distribution.

Self-contained rethreshing unit helps to avoid the drum overload, so at steady efficiency, the damage of grain is minimized.

Humid grain unloading

Special attention is given to the steady operation of an unloading device in conditions of high humidity. The unique patented apparatus Smart Launch reliably protects a high-speed mechanism against overload, and the hydro-pulsators exclude «hanging» of grain in the tank.

It’s possible to sample the grain directly from the cab floor.




The reliable Cummins six-cylinder engines  are fitted on ACROS harvesters; these engines are strictly selected in conformity with a power and rotational moment. The 20% power margin guarantees the faultless operation of the ACROS in all condition.


Undemanding design

The minimal expenses for fuel is one more condition of high-performance harvesting, taken into account at engine choosing for the ACROS. Thanks to the use of compact turbocharged power units, the specific fuel consumption is decreased at least by 10%. Low consumption engine and a 540L fuel tank allow to work without topping-up until 14 hours.


Symmetrical engine

The power transmissions of ACROS are designed for the even capacity distribution on both sides of the machine.

The power circuits are not crossed over, on one shaft there are not more than 2 consumers. Each belt driving is separately adjusted. It’s the best design for a rapid and optimal adjustment.

The engine compartment gives enough space for engine and radiator maintenance services.

Full speed ahead!

The undercarriage drive gear of ACROS is notable for a considerable propelling force, sufficient for reliable harvest operation in various conditions.

The air intake of the radiator unit has an integrated cleaner to reduce the time of maintenance operation.


The hydrostatic transmission ensures a stepless adjustment of running speed within the limits of any of 4 gears. The extended rating of operation speed (until 15 km/h) will help to charge completely the thresher at harvesting on low-yielding fields. Thanks to the high transport speed (until 27 km/h), the time of harvester driving to workplace is saved.

4-ranges gearbox ensures the optimal tractive effort torque at any speed band.




The ACROS harvesters are equipped with a Comfort Cab. Having got inside, you will see how comfortable the workplace can be. You will enjoy comfort, which really helps to work efficiently, with less effort and fatigue.


Excellent field of vision

A considerable glass area (5 m2) of the Comfort Cab and panoramic glasses guarantee free all-around looking. You see the field, the stubble behind header and the unloading auger perfectly well.

There is a big window for a tank supervision in the back wall. When operating at night the complete lighting of the operating space is ensured with power halogen headlamps.

An air-conditioner, a refrigerator and a radio-recorder with acoustic system are a part of a standard list of the equipment of the Comfort Cab.

The steering post has the height and inclination angle adjusted.


Job climate

The Comfort Cab is assembled on four dampers, to be as much as possible isolated from vibratory action. Thanks to a multilayer structure the interior elements have acoustic absorptive power.


As a result, the cab noise level is reduced up to the record 74 dB and vibration is almost absent. With the help of conditioning, heating and ventilation system you have the opportunity to create in the cab a healthy and agreeable microclimate.

For conditioner and air filter maintenance it is enough to move up a roofing flap.

Let’s settle down

The workplace is equipped with a spring chair and a steering post with all necessary adjustments, which allow to choose easily a comfortable operating position. For your assistant or apprentice there is a soft rumble seat.

The halogen headlamps shine twice brighter than usual. 8х70 W - with such powerful lighting it’s possible to continue work even at night.




The Comfort Cab ergonomics is perfectly studied. All control devices are «into place», the apparatus are located in direct viewing. From the first hours of work you will feel it and this circumstance will help you to maintain effortlessly the harvest intensive speed.

Single-handed operating

The control elements of all harvester functions necessitating the high-speed response: forward-rearward movement, the header and reel adjustment position, the reel rotation speed, the header gear on-off action are concentrated on the hydrostat handle.

Multifunctional manipulator handle is designed to take it naturally. Such handle goes ideally to the hand.

Intelligent panel

The control elements used not so often are located to the right of the chair, on the compact panel. With a slight touch of feather-touch buttons you can operate all working devices of the harvester, both in manual and in automatic modes. Besides the panel ensures the diagnostics of the electrical circuits integrity and controls the command signals execution.

For convenience and mastering easiness each button has a clear designation and carries out only one function. Feather-touch buttons, in contrast to traditional, are completely protected from dust, much more reliable and durable.

Adviser not only informs about all changes of harvester operating characteristics, but also helps to adjust it for particular operating conditions.

Dependable assistant

Many parameters are under your control. But physiologically the person is capable to hold in attention no more than 5 parameters. Therefore, the Adviser — automated control system, which continuously follows the threshing process and the operation of the harvester devices is envisaged for you.

The Adviser data visualization principle relieves you of necessity to plunge into complex menu sub-entries once again — all parameters necessary for control appear automatically, as appropriate.

A voice-message report is another unique property of the system. Now you can work calmly, having your eyes on the operating space (without turning your eyes from …). In case of failure or critical conditions you will hear a relevant message, brief comment and recommendations on further actions.



You need not only an ordinary harvester, but the machine ensuring efficiency and adapted for your specific purposes. The ACROS harvester is one of them. Due to a wide variety of adapters and optional devices, ACROS is able to execute various operations during all the season.

Swath picking-up

At swath harvesting ACROS is equipped with the swath pickup. As well as a header, this device is capable to follow a field relief in longitudinal and cross-section directions.

Reliable protection of the swath pickup elements from jamming, wrap and blowing of the mass by wind ensures its operational stability even in adverse conditions.


The eight-rows header, specially designed for ACROS, will ensure the crop retriever not less than 98%, that is impossible at the use of other types of devices. The header reliably operates at any agriculture background, including the undersized sunflower hybrids.



For maize harvesting ACROS is equipped with a 6-or 8-rows header. The auxiliary equipment, for example, a solid screen on the first straw walker section, will help to prolong mechanical life in heavy harvesting conditions of this crop.


A special attachment will allow to minimize the losses of the rape testis at haying in 3…4 times and, depending on yield per unit, to harvest supplementary 30-100 kg of grain from 1 ha of crops.










Power Stream

Header width




Cutting height presetting




Blade cutting speed



946 (1080 - Schumacher)

Reel rotating frequency





Diameter of drum




Length of drum




Drum rotation frequency, мin




Drum rotation frequency, мax




Concave wrap




Concave total area





Straw walker type



5 key

Straw walker length




Straw walker separation area





Sieves total area




Fan type




Fan rotation frequency





Engine type



Six-stroke, with liquid cooling, turbocharged

Engine model




Engine manufacturer




Engine power




Engine power




Specific fuel consumption, rated

g/h.p. h



Fuel tank capacity




Grain tank

Grain tank capacity




Unloading height




Tank unloading rate




Overall dimension and weight

Transport length with header



16500 (Header 6 m)

Transport width




Transport height




Weight without header/with header