TORUM 760/765 is a high-performance rotary grain combine harvester, which allows harvesting a number of crops on the fields with high yield and complex agricultural background. Today TORUM 760/765 can harvest any "complex" fields. No losses. No downtime. No hindrances.

The machine will immediately identify advantages of multi-function powerful machinery, which meets the challenges. TORUM allows harvesting a number of crop species on the fields with high yield and complex agricultural background.

High efficiency, unpretentiousness, easy maintenance, reliability and much more: TORUM 760/765 is not just a child of progress, but a new round of agricultural machinery evolution. It has been tested in the severest conditions and has proven its efficiency.

Combine harvester TORUM is intended for harvesting traditional grain and spiked crops by direct and swath harvesting. The range of harvested crops is wide — from wheat to rice. High-performance combine harvesters with rotary threshing scheme will be good for farms with large crop areas and high yield: the more machinery is loaded, the more effective it operates.
Cleaning system is designed taking into account heavy loads. Large area of cleaning sieves, an additional sieve, and powerful air flow generated by a two-section fan guarantee that a tank will be filled with really clean grain.
10,500 litres per 2 minutes — this time period is necessary to unload a filled tank of a combine harvester. Large volume of the tank allows combine harvester to stop less frequently in the field for unloading, and a long unloader auger provides the possibility to drive to the combine harvester even with 9-meter unitized header, and when harvesting rice to be unloaded not leaving a rice field.
TORUM efficiently manages with tailings. It cuts them into very small pieces and spreads the shredded bulk over the width of a header guaranteeing thorough spreading over the field and therefore optimum conditions to assure success of the next harvest. Due to its unique design the rotor carefully processes straw, while the baler copes with a swath laid down by the combine harvester without any problem.
Powerful and effective engine provides excellent performance of combine harvester tasks. Undercarriage is designed taking into account complex requirements occasionally imposed by harvesting time. The provision is made for possibility to install all-wheel drive in TORUM. There is a modification with a replaceable half-truck unit for harvesting rice in “wet” rice fields.
Automatic equipment greatly simplifies operator work. Information system Adviser with voice announcement function has settings to harvest 14 crops, as well as the possibility to store User Configuration.
Combine harvester TORUM is equipped with the Comfort Cab, which provides all conditions necessary for comfort work. There is always pleasant climate in the cab due to air conditioner and heater, high tightness and noise insulation.


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