Rotor mounted rake KOLIBRI


Rotor mounted rake Kolibri will ideally fit households which independently prepare forage for inner demands: productivity of Kolibri reaches 5.4 Ha/h at the cutting width 4.7 m

Rake performs neat raking of grass from swaths into smooth rollers, forms up the cut mass into swaths, wraps, scatters and doubles the hay rollers. Rake overcomes obstacles such as stones or roughness of soil with the help of special tandem carriage.

Rake is used at the fields with leveled relief. Mounted on tractors of trailer class of 1.4 t.f. Kolibri will show excellent result with minimal loss.


Technical information
Model GRN-470 GRN-350
Type mounted
Capacity per one hour of running time, Ha/h up to 5.4 3.5
Cutting width constructive, m, up to 4.7 3.5
Weight without spare parts and packing, not more, kg 600 450
Overall dimensions, mm, not more:
  • length
  • width
  • height


Operating speed, km/h, not more 12 12
Travelling speed, km/h, not more 20 20
Number of rotations PTO of tractor, rpm 540 540
Number of rotations of rotor, rpm, up to 66 79.5
Power consumption, kW, not more 30 30
Rotor diameter at the ends of tines, m, not more 3.6 2.8
Windrow width, m, not more 1.4 1.1