One always wants to save collected grass mass fresh and nutritious. Baler Tukan is designed for this purpose: it picks up hay rollers of natural and sieved grass or straw, presses grass mass into rectangular bales and winds them with string. All steps of the work of machine are extremely efficient: picking up, pressing, discharge of bales. “Economy” is the key word at functioning of the press-pickup. Economy of time, labor expenditures, energy resources. Baler will not let you down even at the moments of hitting of foreign objects into mechanism- protection systems will reliably work out. The machine is used everywhere excluding mountainous regions. Even light corns of plants will be suitable for bale forming- special system of density regulation is installed in the machine.


Technical information
Type Semi-trailer
Capacity per 1 hour of running time on hay at moisture level 20...22%, t/h, up to 10
Capacity per 1 hour of exploitation time, Ha/h, up to 10
Width of capture constructive, mm, up to 1550+/-50
Weight without spare elements and packing, not more, kg 1700
Operating speed, km/hour, not more 7
Travelling speed, km/hour, not more 20
Rotating speed of PTO of tractor, rpm 540
Power consumption, kW 20...40
Throughput on hay at moisture level 20...22%, kg/s, up to 7
Density of pressing at dampness of mass 10...24% on hay, kg/cbm 120-230
Section of pressing chamber, m 0,37x0,46
Bale length (nominal), m 0,5-1,3
Bale mass, kg 01.10.50

Discharging device
Type mounted
Mass, kg, up to 55
Dimensions, mm, not more:  
- length 2730
- width 675
- height 1140
Section of discharging device, mm 0,45x0,64
Term of work (at annual workload 150 hours), years 7