Тew E-loader from TOBROCO-GIANT and high-class races horses

Тew E-loader from TOBROCO-GIANT and high-class races horses

Here on a horsefarm you often see noisy machines, which do the daily work in the stables, transport feed, straw bales, and other loads or discard of manure, and at the same time there are sensitive high-value and noble sports horses - this is quite a contradiction. The new E-loader from TOBROCO-GIANT represents a contemporary solution to this dilemma:

It doesn’t rank behind the diesel-models at all concerning power, compact measures or maneuverability and at the same time does his work without emissions and noise, which human beings and animals estimate quite a lot.

The compact and agile loader with the small turning circle is used to muck out the stables, to transport and pile up the straw or feed into the stables or onto the meadows, and for a lot more other little tasks. „Everybody is able to use this machine, you just get on and get something done for which we formerly used to take a wheelbarrow“, says Dietmar Hax, the owner of a horse stables in Geldern, Lower-Rhine-area, Germany

In his family business, all participants know that horse breeding is hard work, every day. Besides father and son Hax the whole family and several employees and helpers take care of the well-being of the horses, so they can live and grow in best conditions and are looked after perfectly. It becomes obvious in many different ways how much heart and soul is put into breeding and educating the horses. The general philosophy is to let the animals live the most natural way possible.

The electric loader G2200E X-TRA has shown a lot of advantages in use: The work in the stable cannot be interrupted all the times when a customer, who often comes a long way to have a close look at the horses, is on the farm. With the quietly working E-loader this is no problem at all. 
"This is a huge advantage: We can train horses, and give advice to our customers on the farm while all the time the stable work and the care for the horses can go on without any restrictions because nobody is getting disturbed by the electric loaded", recounts Hax his experience.

Also, it is for employees and animals all the same very comfortable, if there are no emissions anymore within the stable. What is more, the loader really fits well into the sustainability concept of the company. Not only the animals should be offered a tender and loving surrounding without disturbances, but also the employees are meant to feel good working there. This attitude to sustainability is also shown in another place. The whole roof of the stable is full of solar panels so that the electric loader can be used with the help of self-made and CO2-neutral energy.

“The GIANT which we have been using since a few years has quickly replaced our tractor because this machine has been too large and unfunctional moving around the stables. We then had to take out the whole wall of the stables when we had to remove the manure, these days we only have to open the doors for the GIANT to transport stuff into and out of the stables. Also, it is easy to drive from one stable into the other, for example, to transport straw bales or feed.“

At the beginning, there have been fears that an electric loader would not provide the needed power for all the different tasks or would just show himself not strong enough. Or that the battery wouldn’t work long enough. All these fears have been destroyed while working with the new GIANT. „We found out that the electric loader is as powerful as the diesel-powered model and offers at the same time the advantages we have named before“, explains Hax.