Standard model
Engine Kubota
V2403-CR-TE5B (4 cylinder), STAGE V
56 HP / 48,5 kW
Service weight 3800 kg
Lifting capacity 2800 kg
Tipping load 2500 kg
Lifting height 3257 mm
Length without bucket 3825 mm
Width on standard tyres from 1340 mm
Driving mechanism Hydrostatic 4 wheel drive with automotive control
14 tons axles; 100% electrical differential lock on both axles
Heavy planetary end drive
Driving hydraulics 112 ltr/min (450 bar)
Working hydraulics 70 ltr/min (220 bar)
Tyres 11.5/80-15.3 AS (Total width 134 cm)
Driving speed 0-10 km/hour 0-30 km/hour (with automatic gear)
Standard version Lifting arm with Z-kinematik
Double acting valve at the front (mechanical)
Floating position on lifting cylinder(s)
Rops / Fops safety roof incl. safety doors left and right
Hydraulic servicebreak on 4 wheels
Luxery spung seat with safetybelt, armrest and extended backrest
Main switch
Towing hook at the back
1 counterweight integrated into the bumper
Working light at the front
Cyclone filter
Oil cooler
Parking brake Drum brake
Colour Giant yellow / Giant grey / Black
Hitch Giant Standard (hydraulically)