Тhe adaptable design


«Vector» has a powerful, expressive and, it can be said, brawny appearance. Its precise, clean sides, tense joining of planes single out this harvester on the habitual background of biodesign, widespread lately.


The choice of the harvester colouring in silver-red range is not casual. Certain elements are accentuated with the aid of bright-red colour: wheel plates, radiator fan. The silver colour accentuates the innovative type of machine, and many people associate this colour with planes and spacecrafts. Besides, silver colour is very practical (this feature is familiar to owners of silver coloured cars). «Vector» has a modern configuration: cab — grain tank — engine. As a result, the cab noise level is considerably reduced and a more spacious platform for engine maintenance is available. The cab is located on the centre and this ensures a good review of working space.


Quiet cab


The distinctive features of the new cab are the considerable glass area (almost 5 m2) and 6 power halogen headlamps (70 W). As a result, at day and night you have an unhampered review of the header.


The cab is assembled on four dampers, to be completely isolated from vibratory action, inside — a powerful and effective noise isolation, a steering post and an adjustable seat for convenient position, the multimode conditioner, a heater, a radio recorder (option), tinted glasses, an additional folding seat for assistant or instructor — all this ensures comfort and easiness of work, creating a small oasis on a workplace in the hardest field conditions.


One of the most appreciable improvement — it’s a feather-touch panel, which has replaced traditional «push-button» control. Compact and located in the most convenient place, the panel allows to control all harvester tools by slight pressing, both in manual and automatic modes.


In the last case the opportunity of the harvester aggregates damage at misoperation is eliminated. In addition, the panel can test the integrity of electrocircuits and electromechanism control relay, supervise executions of command signals and supports a number of other useful functions.


On the right side column the panel of automatic test equipment is located. This panel allows to prevent failures, responding to each change of mechanisms operation and the onset of critical behaviors.

Pictograms with indicators (LED) are used, as much more convenient, than multilevel menus on the screens of onboard computers, and more noticeable at bright sunlight.


The manipulator lever has received a new handle, designed to take it naturally, and has an additional push-button for the header emergency stop.




At designing of «Vector», the engineers adhered the perfectly reputed classical one-drum type outline. The big drum diameter. 800 mm and the extended concave create the vast threshed area. At this stage till 95% of grain is threshed. The important drum persistence allows to process easily the hard high-haulm or foul grain.


The jamming, if it nevertheless occurred, may be rapidly eliminated with the help of the concave deep dropping device and the header tools reverse. For that it is not necessary now to leave your workplace — the reverse is activated by a push-button from the cab. Amongst the novelties it ought to be mentioned the driving gear of concave clearance adjustment. The clearance is adjusted with the help of electromechanism  which, by means of leverage lowers or lifts concave. With the help of the push-button, located on the control board, the needed clearance is set, and its numerical value is displayed on the indicator. So it’s possible to set easily and correctly the exact clearance for optimal threshing, meant for various yield and crop type. «Vector» has an independent rethreshing device with a rotary three-blade drum. In comparison with a drum type rethreshing, as on other harvesters, the rotary one more softly rethreshes the rest of heads due to a lower number of impacts and friction. The cleaning system is remarkable by its big area. A four-key seven-section straw walkers and two-stage sieve box- it’s almost 8,7 m2 of the cleared surface. It’s an outstanding result among the harvesters of this class!


To estimate the correctness of the threshing system adjustment, the grain loss monitors located on the walkers are envisaged. They signal, by means of automatic control system, the degree of grain content in chaff and the necessity of a threshing and cleaning mode change. To check the grain quality, the grain sampler is envisaged — it is enough to go on the platform before the cab entrance.

A tank of 6 m3 is unloaded not more than 2 minutes. The tank is equipped with vibroactivators, facilitating the unloading of humid grain. The sensors help to check the tank loading — at 75% of loading the flashing headlamp is illuminated, which signals the necessity of unloading.

Directly from your workplace, through the inspection window, you can visually control the loading. It’s remarkable, that the opening and closing of the tank roof flaps is ensured by electromechanism, while at majority of modern harvesters it’s necessary to do it manually.

Engine power-unit


«Vector» has received the new six-cylinder turbocharged engine CUMMINS/QSB 6.7 (TIER IIIB) of the power 220 h.p. and the torque backup not less than 15%.

Differential advantages of this engine:

simple design and repairability,

significant standardization with the previous models,

and, most importantly, the efficiency.


It’s known, that fuel cost is one of the greatest cost items of harvester charges. At estimating of the harvester efficiency, consumers are often mistaken, giving much attention to such characteristic as the fuel consumption per hour of operation, and are compared different harvesters, not paying attention to/ their efficiency. «Vector» has one of the best parameters in the ratio of fuel consumption per 1t of grain (2,7 kg/t).

The engine shaft ensures the thresher and pumping station driving under the new outline — with the use of the right-angle reducer having two output shafts. Such outline has allowed to exclude a tensioner device, to elevate the reliability of design and to simplify the maintain operations.

Another innovation is the increased fuel tank. Its capacity, 540l, allows to operate more than 16 h on one refuelling. The first-stage fuel filter is excluded — its function is ensured by the fuel tank integral components.

The engine compartment gives enough space to maintenance services. To reduce the maintenance operation term, the air inlet of the radiator unit is equipped with an integrated cleaner. The ejector helps to increase the service life of an air filter element, ensuring the uniform dust exhaust from the filter.



At harvesting a harvester passes many tens of kilometers. The way to fields lays mainly along the country roads, and the pavement quality of such roads is not worth mentioning — it does not exist. And fields are very different: today you work on an even and wide field and the next day you have to harvest a narrow and rough field. In such conditions the harvester ride-qualities are no last factor of harvesting completion to time.


«Vector», as all modern harvesters, is equipped with hydrostatic transmission, which ensures a stepless speed adjustment within any of 3 ranges. Unlike «Don-1500», «Vector» has a more powerful engine GST-112. Such conception improves the reliability of the undercarriage drive gear by the increase of the reserve power and hydraulic motor operational life. The transmission ratio of 2nd gear is modified for the purpose to increase operational speed till 12 km/h (usually — till 10 km/h), that is important at operating on low-yelding fields. The travelling speed is increased to 25 km/h, the turning radius is minimized (8,1 m) — «Vector» is well adapted for driving.

The fore and rear wheels track coincide, that reduces a detrimental effect of tyres on the soil. The low-pressure tyres reduce the load on the soil, increase a draft and reduce the fuel consumption. The high self-cleaning lugs (the «herring-bone» type) improve the harvester readability and allow to operate on the «slushy» road.

Hydraulics and electric accessories


The hydraulic and power systems have undergone a number of modifications, aimed first of all to improve the reliability and convenience of the harvester maintenance.


The power hydraulic pumps of three systems — principal, steering and undercarriage — are integrated into a single block of pump station. The hydraulic fluid is common for all systems and is filled up in one hydraulic tank. Besides the obvious convenience in service such conception has increased the reliability and maintainability of the equipment.

The distributive valves contain a lot of sections and are located on the readily available zones. All hydraulic system elements are delivered from the reliable enterprises, among them are the products of airline and defence enterprises.

The hydraulic systems processing technique have been changed. Now, all lines are exposed to a careful preliminary cleaning on the specially developed equipment to improve the internal surface cleanliness.

To ensure the hydraulic system maximal reliability, the soldered joints have been excluded, instead the line connections with the help of fitted rings have been adopted, the line layout has been also changed. Now the fluor-rubber seals, which have a lesser degree of shrinkage and are much more durable in comparison with the previous ones, are used. In place of cast sections for the hydraulic system accessories the stamped blanks are used.

As for electrical equipment, the absence of complicated electronic equipment, common to the harvesters of «Rostselmash», makes the maintenance very simple. The «Vector» electronic filling became even simpler and more reliably due to reduction of the elements quantity and the use of the new components from the best world manufacturers. New performance capabilities are added on the electronic control systems: the short-circuit and electric circuits integrity checking. For example, if the electric circuit to some sensor is damaged, the appropriate alarm statement will be displayed on the control panel. The accumulators are located more rationally — you can perform their maintenance directly from the soil.


Since October, 2006 the Grain harvester Vector has been equipped with a new header of the Power Stream series, cutting width is 5, 6, 7 and 9 m. Practice shows, that the use of such headers reduces the shatter losses and ensures constant feeding irrespective of operating conditions. The Power Stream header create the basis for top performance of the Rostselmash harvesters.

Since October, 2006 the Grain harvester Vector has been equipped with the new header of the Power Stream series, cutting width is 5, 6, 7 and 9 m. Practice shows, that the use of such headers reduces the shatter losses and ensures constant feeding irrespective of operating conditions. The Power Stream headers create the basis for top performance of the Rostselmash harvesters.

High quality cutting

The blade planetary gear of the Schumacher type operates smoothly, accurately and is wearproof. The high cutting frequency (1080 runs/min) and a double cutting edge guarantee the rapid and clean cut with minimal losses. The considerable distance between the blades and the auger (75 cm) helps to reduce losses on the header.

Smooth feeding

The real hydraulic drive allows to adjust the rotation speed steplessly, ensuring the optimal and constant mass feeding to increase in performance.

Reliable service in the hardest conditions

The long rake tines and reel with a special motion trajectory take kindly to twisted and laid crops. The large diameter of the auger prevents large grains wrap. The deep flights make unnecessary the supplementary tines.

Precise soil relief following

The system of longitudinal-transversal following of soil relief ensures the efficient use of the whole length of the header on irregular surfaces fields. All Power Stream headers are by standard equipped with the simple and reliable hydromechanical following device Level Glide, and optionally — with the electro-hydraulic system Auto Contour.

High-power reverse

The hydraulic reverse of the header and feeding elevator tools, switched on from the cab will help you to clean quickly the header at jamming with grain or ingress of foreign matters.

At swath harvesting «Vector» is equipped with a swath pickup (width is 2,75 m or 3,4 m - for a double swath). As well as the header, this device is capable to follow the field relief in longitudinal and cross-section directions, which guarantees high quality of picking-up on rough fields. The reliable protection of the swath pickup elements from jamming, wrap and blowing the mass by wind ensures its operational stability even in adverse harvest conditions.


For tailings harvest, two kitting-up variants are possible:

chopper/swather. Unlike the universal chopper PKN-1500, it has a simpler and more reliable design, smaller weight, and is not adapted for the straw and chaff picking-up in carrier, as the modern agro-technologies are oriented to straw chopping and scattering on the field. Switching over to the swathing mode is made by one simple lever movement.

stacker for cock forming (with prepressing) and automatic unloading on the run of cock of 12 m3.


Performance specifications








Power Stream

Header width



Cutting height presetting



Blade cutting speed



Reel rotating frequency




Diameter of drum



Length of drum



Drum rotation frequency, мin



Drum rotation frequency, мax



Concave wrap



Concave total area




Straw walker type


4 key

Straw walker length



Straw walker separation area




Sieves total area



Fan type


Single-section, centrifugal

Fan rotation frequency




Engine type


Six-stroke, liquid cooling, turbocharged

Engine model



Engine manufacturer



Engine power



Engine power



Specific fuel consumption, rated

g/h.p. h


Fuel tank capacity



Grain tank

Grain tank capacity



Unloading height



Tank unloading rate



Overall dimension and weight

Transport length with header


16400 (Header 6 m)

Transport width


3559 (without mirrors)

Transport height



Weight without header/with header


11050/12650 (Header 6 m)