Road frontier mower CHEEGE


Road frontier mower Cheege is the unique machine that is designed to mow of grass and bushes spread out on sidelines of automobile roads, streets, open sites, dividing lines, also in the stadiums, aerodromes and etc.

Road frontier mower Cheege has a wide range opportunities: it may mow branches of bushes with thickness up to 35 mm, operate in horizontal and vertical planes. Large cutting width enables excellent mowing/trimming of field  edges, as well as operating at grassy agricultural fields. Protecting mechanisms prevent the machine from damage and breakage. Brilliant  mowing quality is provided by the possibility to copy the field surface.

Special kinematics of turning mechanism allows to operate at the angle from -45º to 90º that expands the mower range of usage.
Technical service of KDK-184 Cheege is maximally simplified and does not require special tools and equipment.


Technical information
Type Trailer
Model KDK-184
Cutting width, m 1,8
Weight constructional, kg 700
Turning angle in vertical plane 135°
Positive angle 90°
Negative angle -45°
Blade speed rate, m/sec 48
Type of knives: hammer
Rotating speed of rotor, turns/min 2200
Tractor’s PTO shaft rotation speed,rpm 1000