Trailer forage harvester STERH


Trailer forage harvester Sterh KSD-2.0 is clever and multifunctional: not only it mows and lays into swaths the grass, sugar beet tops and potatoes tops, it also grinds, additionally chops and effectively loads the obtained product into a vehicle. The harvester may operate as being installed into a moving vehicle, or being attached back as the trailer.

Combine capacity  reaches 38 t/hour with perfect forage as the result.

Technical service of Sterh is extremely simplified and does not require special tools or equipment: easy access for changing the knives and greasing points provided.


Technical information
Type semi-trailer
Capacity per one hour of runningl time, t/hour, up to 38
Operating width, m 2,0
Mass of the combine without spare elements and packing, not more, kg 1250
Travelling speed, km/h, not more 20
Operating speed, km/h, not more 7,2
Direction of discharge Back, to the left
Height of supply of crushed mass, m, not less 3,5
Amount of cutting knives, items 4
Length of particles in mass, mm, not more 20
Cutting height, mm 60...150
Chopping mechanism rotation speed, rpm 1000