Roll baler PELIKAN


Advanced opportunities of roll baler Pelikan will be to liking of all agricultural producers. It is meant for picking up of rollers of hay, natural or sieved grass ot straw, pressing them into rollers with further winding by string. Harvesting of hay with high dampness  is also possible for additional fertilizing provision. Even degree of pressing supports long storage of forage. This criterion is one of the most important at choice of roll baler. Using Pelikan you obtain ideal regular rolls which do not go to pieces  and settle.

Quick discharge of ready rolls, efficient lifting of pressing chamber will help to reduce time of work. Easiness of control and supervision of work let not to worry about the course of process.


Technical information
Type semi-trailer
Capacity, t/hour, up to 10
Cutting width, mm, up to 1500
Mass (constructional), not more, kg 2200
Operating speed, km/hour, not more 9
Travelling speed, km/hour, not more 20
Rotating speed of PTO of tractor, turn/min 540
Power consumption, kW 45
Throughput, kg/s, up to 5
Density of pressing, kg/cbm, not less
on hay
on straw
Roll diameter, m 1,2
Roll length, m 1,2
Roll mass, not more, kg 270