Trailed disc mower with roller conditioner BERKUT


The productive Berkut trailed disc mower is used even on fields with crop capacity higher than 50 centner/hectare. The operating speed of the machine is increased up to 18km/h, and, at that, thorough mowing of high yield and laid grass is performed, as well as high-quality flattening of mowed mass and laying it into roll. The mower pleases with its multifunctional ability: the machine with removed roller conditioner can also be used for mowing grass and laying it into swath. The machine is designed for aggregation with tractors of 1,4 drawbar category and very easy in application. The mower is able to work on the fields with small unevenness, and its deformation is excluded due to special protective mechanisms. Careful approach to your work is the main principle of Berkut.

The mower with dismounted conditioner (Berkut Uno) can be used for grass mowing and laying it into a wide swath.

The mower is used in all areas of plain land, mainly in the fields with lined surface. An important aspect is that it is not intended for use on stony ground.



Technical specification
Model Berkut
Type Trailer
Efficiency, hectare/h, up to 4,5
Mower weight, kg, not more than 1 500±50
Gripping width, m, up to 3,2
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than
Working position
— length
— width
— height
Transportation position
— length
— width
— height

6 800
3 560
1 530

6 100
3 560
1 530
Operating speed, km/h, not more than 15
Transportation speed, km/h, not more than 20
Consumed power, kW/h.p., not more than 55
Rotor speed, rpm 3 180
PTO speed, rpm 1 000
Plant cutting, height, cm±2
natural grass
sown grass